Talent Concept

  Talents First

  Priority has always been given to the cultivation of talents. So far, Weichai has made several rounds of top-to-bottom reforms to upgrade its HR management and attaches great importance to talent recruitment and cultivation.

  Training System 

  To help each and every employee grow professionally, Weichai has established its own talent cultivation and training system and cooperates with internationally-famed training institutions. With a variety kinds of training courses provided on a regular basis, its employees get rich opportunities to hone their working skills.

  1. New Employee Training Program

  Weichai organizes enclosed military training and orientation program for new employees to help them get familiar with enterprise culture, organizational structure and quality system as well as basic working skills.

  2. On-the-job Training

  After the placement, the department conducts training of related personnel according to the job requirements to further enhance trainees' knowledge, professional skills and communicative skills.

  3. Professional Training

  Weichai organizes professional trainings regularly about finance, internal control, quality, technical process, lean production and project management, etc. to improve employees' professional skills and competency for their jobs.

  4. Other Training Programs

  Other training programs include enterprise culture training and management training. Enterprise culture training is to further strengthen its employees' team spirit and sense of responsibility and in the meantime, promote its enterprise culture. Through management training courses, employees are invited to improve their managerial and leading skills.

  One-on-one Tutorial System 

  Weichai has set up one-on-one tutorial system for newly recruited graduates. Every newcomer to Weichai is assigned with a skillful employee to help him/her become well-bonded with the company's culture and business operation. Both parties sign an agreement and a two-way assessment mechanism is implemented in order to improve the working and communicative skills as well as enhance their team spirit.