WHG3941 High power Marine gearbox series

With the improvement of ship industry demand and technical progress, the ship power system and its functions are becoming more and more complex, which involves a wider range of professional areas. Customers propose a solution which is from the system level to provide the whole by advancing the system integration and integrates the supply to better meet the customers’ needs.

  • WHG large power series marine gear box has the functions of deceleration, reverse alignment, clutch and bearing propeller thrust. It has compact structure and high reliability. The input coupling can be customized according to the high elastic coupling selected by the user. The power range 182-3202 kW,with transmission capacity is between 0.456 and 5.189, which can meet various speed ratio requirements. The input shaft and the output shaft are at the same center. Due to the same deceleration ratio and full load operation, it can match CW6200, CW8200, CW250 and other medium-speed diesel engines to become left and right sets.