WHG135 Low power Marine gearbox series

With the improvement of ship industry demand and technical progress, the ship power system and its functions are becoming more and more complex, which involves a wider range of professional areas. Customers propose a solution which is from the system level to provide the whole by advancing the system integration and integrates the supply to better meet the customers’ needs.

  • Marine gearbox is an important part of ship propulsion system integration. Weichai heavy machinery has developed various marine gearboxes. To meet the personalized needs of ship-owners, the current product specifications are WHG120, WHG135, WHG170, WHG300, WHG400, WHG600, WHG900, WHG1200 and other 16 product lines. The WHG series gearbox of Weichai heavy machine has novel structure, small volume, low weight, safety and reliability, durability and other advantages. It has some functions such as decelerating, reversing, clutch and bearing propeller thrust. It effectively improves the ship propulsion system service life.
  • Weichai heavy machinery continuously strengthens the ship machine matching. It also improves and consummates the design of ship gear box matching. The products are widely used in pumps, shaft generator sets, as well as engineering ships, passenger and cargo carriers, fishing boats and other ships, which meet the configuration requirements of multiple ship propulsion system integration!
  • WHG small power series marine gearbox (27-705kW) has functions of decelerating, reversing, clutch and bearing propeller thrust. It has compact structure and good reliability. The power range is 27-705kW and the transfer capacity is between 0.07 ~ 0.29. Due to the same deceleration ratio and full load operation, it can match WP4, WP6, WD10, WD12, M26 and other high-speed diesel engines to become left and right gen sets.